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6 Ratings

R Power, Jr ,

The Guess Who “All This Time Ago"

Perhaps I am a bigger fan of this band than the other reviewers, as I would rate this item higher than any of them have. This compilation contains material from Randy Bachman’s personal archives, and it’s a treat foe fans of this band. There are early versions of songs that would later be re-recorded by the band, as well as enjoyable covers of other bands’ hits of the ’60’s. It’s amazing how close some of these covers are compared to the hits by the various bands. As a bonus, Cummings’s parody of Walter Brennan is a hoot! Hard-core fans will love this collection.

Blackelsluck ,

Overpriced, But Okay; For What It Is...

This reminds me of the K-Tel, Drug Store, Department Store, Bargain Bin selections that permeated the 1970s and 1980s. Today you would find it in the wire rack collections at your local gas station or convenience store. But what is it really?

This is a band looking for an identity, while the record label is barking for another one-hit wonder song to move plastic ware. The cover of "Shakin' All Over" had hit the radio and charts for these guys, but they really needed room to develop their own sound. They could play their instruments and make music, but they had not found their Muse yet; until they started working on "These Eyes". Burton Cummings needed a song to pour himself into, not just cover versions of The Doors, The Troggs, Cream, or the latest British invasion one-hit wonder. The Moody Blues experienced a similar career path with their cover of "Go Now", followed by the breakthrough of the "Days Of Future Passed" album.

If you compare this album to similar groups from the era - The Byrds "Preflyte" being a great example, The Bee Gees Australian-era albums, or the filler songs of The Association's first album - you find bands that can play other people's songs, but lack a signature of their own. I like both of the covers of "Light My Fire", but Burton could not be Jim Morrison or Jose Feliciano. That would be chaining his talent to a wannabe cover band career.

My dad always told me that the music was the vehicle that bore the message of the lyrics. When you can write lyrics that work in communicating your message, then you have created a real song. Several of these cuts sound like The Guess Who had the chops down, but not the song writing. You even find themes that would develop into really good songs several years down the road.

Ledhead ,

Possibly original working versions.

These are different versions. Must buy for fans.

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