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4.5 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

t-bebs ,

a modern masterpiece

this is quite simply one of the best, most surprising and rewarding albums i own. dan bejar is one of the most underrated artists in this day and age, but his small fanbase worship him for a reason. this is a fractured, imperfect snowfall of an album that sounds like it will fall apart, only to come back together in the most beautiful of ways. you won't regret owning this. worth any sum for "this night," "the chosen few," "modern painters," "trembling peacock," and "students carve hearts out of coal." worth anything, anything, for "goddess of drought." i have seen a light indeed.

Xibee ,

Surprisingly wicked little things.

It's the strangest thing. I bought two Destroyer songs just on a "maybe" hunch while I was grabbing a bunch of other stuff. I was in an Arcade Fire/ Twin Cinema/ odd stuff mood. Played em in my car and thought maybe I'd get annoyed, maybe .... maybe the second time. Nope. Played it again and began to find all kinds of little nuances that I liked. Thought the voice would wear on me, but instead it grew. Like it a lot now. They even make me sing them out loud. Because they're evil little things! Wicked songs! Oh yes.

JohnnyNoLove ,

I can see it in your eyes

"Goddess of Drought" is the beautiful centerpiece to this album. It has a wide lead in my top 25 most played songs--Behar has one of the those unique, bizarre voices that you can't shake no matter how many other albums you go through

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