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13 Ratings

francina9929 ,

I loved it

I think the problem a lot of people have with this score is the that repetitve guitar that you hear in most of the songs. It worked for me though, and really, not EVERY song on this soundtrack is the same. If you've seen the movie, you can see how much the soundtrack fits the tone of the film. Not to mention, the songs are absolutely beautiful.

JCStahley ,

I didn't really like it.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not crazy about Santoalla... everything sounds like improv'd Spanish guitar music. I still can't figure out how he won two Oscars in a row, both for scores that weren't very meaty. This CD fell right in line with my expectations. Unfortunately it just isn't very good, but if you like moody, rambling guitar music, you might like this one. I think my 2 stars really means "please try something new and different because it's all starting to sound the same."

AuthorDTNelson ,

An Excellent (if short) score.

It is obvious that some people expect a certain style from all motion picture score, anything deviating from that must not be good. Santaolalla's music does not have a Spanish improved guitar feel to it.

First, it does not sound Spanish, it has a decidedly South American flavor (Not surprising since Santaolalla is Argentine) (expand your horizons, people).

Second, the style and understated qualities of the music are a perfect fit to the mood and flow of the movie (which of course is the main point - if a score does not suit the movie, then it is a failure as a motion picture score).

I have found three types of soundtrack scores. 1) Those that are perfect for the movie, but would not be great listening on their own, 2) those that do not work well with a movie (which can be distracting), but the music itself is still beautiful and worth owning in your music library, and then their is 3) when the beautiful beautiful music is a perfect fit to the movie's soundtrack. This music belongs in that third category.

If this kind of music is not your cup of tea, then why bother reviewing it. But don't pan something, and give it only one star, simply because you don't understand the music. I complete dislike heavy metal music, so why would I bother writing a review for Metallica. You review the type of music you enjoy listening to, and judge it based on comparable music.

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