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Оцінок: 31

alatosu ,

Very good but where is????

Come On ITunes, good job with this one but where is the Persuaders LP with the original version of Some Guys Have All The Luck?

ease613 ,

Thin Line...plus

I read the review of this album and I MUST DISAGREE about "Thin Line Between Love & Hate" being the only incredible song on this album! Although there aren't many, "Peace in the Valley of Love" is right up there with "Thin Line", with "Love Gonna Packup..." a very close 2nd. "Peace in the Valley of Love" is simply amazing. These three songs alone make this a worthwhile album. Maybe he should listen to "Peace in the Valley of Love", again.

drmperl ,

classic soul at its best

The itunes reviewer is way too focussed on comparring "Thin Line" with all the other tracks. Granted, it is nearly impossible to top a song of that magnitude. But listen to this album with open ears and you will find some fantastic arangements and vocals that one can not ignore. This album does incorparate many styles within the genre (ballads, funk, doo wop, etc.) all the more reason to appreciate talent here. If you are a fan of motown & the philly sound, this album will fit perfectly into your collection.

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