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13 értékelés

for REAL Music Fan ,

A fine record of Warwick's musical legacy

Dionne Warwick was at the height of her '60s success when this classic LP came out. Warner is smart to keep it in print for generations to enjoy. It is timeless.

SA Collins ,

For Sentimental Reasons...

While many may argue me on this point, I believe this is one of Dionne's finest (early) albums. Each one is an anthem unto itself (including the light "Up, Up, and Away" cover). For many people a certain album or collection of songs by a certain singer takes them back to their youth. For me this is the album. Even now when I pull out the old vinyl copy my mom bought so many years ago each little click and pop (sometimes resembling a burning fireplace in the background that I am sure wasn't intended in the original release) I know I put there on that vinyl record from playing this album to death. If you're into big sounding 60's pop anthems, look no further than this one. It's a show stopper. My faves of this collection are "Valley of the Dolls (haunting)", "For The Rest Of My Life", and most definitely "Where Would I Go (while boisterous, it is definitively a proclamation of unwavering love)". Give it a spin... but remember, I recommend this one mostly for sentimental reasons.

Peter knockstead ,

Love Classic Warwick/60s

This album holds some great songs from a talented singer. It takes you back to another time and is so relaxing to listen too. I was reminded of the theme from Valley of the Dolls when watching the new show Nurse Jackie on Sho time.

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