11 Songs, 33 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Cody Stewart ,

Best Christian metal band by far!!!

For All Eternity's music can bring those listening that much closer to God by sharing their testimony of once having hopelessness and eventually finding hope in the middle of the storm. This band goes to show that life is not all "sunshine and rainbows." Life is a daily battle between the spirit, the flesh, the mind, the world, the devil, and our God. The strength we need to get through it all only comes from God. And with Him at our side, we will overcome!

Music-Aspirer ,

Super super good. It was love at first sound. ❤️

Good music like this doesn’t come out very often, this is definitely a golden nugget! This Australian band is one of the best additions to facedown records. They’re passion for their music and purpose is admirable. This is great music for every occasion! Rocking out in your car, going to sleep, studying for school, entertaining guests. Honestly you should just never turn it off! Haha but in all serious though, the musicianship between the singing, growling, and the intricate guitar licks - which are so gnarly - really all adds up to make this so musically interesting. And the soft piano parts give the ears a natural break between the hard banging breakdowns. All in all, every single instrument is crafted and grafted together so nicely to make a masterpiece out of every song. Don’t even think about it, just buy it now. It takes you on a fun musical adventure! :)

da_ru ,

It’s what I’ve been looking for

Wow!! Such energy, emotion and passion! The track “September” just blows my mind!