12 Songs, 38 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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3.3 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings



First two offering not too good. Hope it gets better rather than worse. Not enjoying third song either. It’s like when your watching tv and someone is playing something on an iPad. Or if your listening to music and someone is talking loud on the phone. Music has no flow, sounds are conflictive.
Ok this collaboration should never have taken place! This is not what The Staves should sound like! Vocal harmonies get screwed up by the terrible string arrangements. ymusic ...yeah why did this ever happen! Chamber ensemble junk!!! Very, very disappointed. Sad!
Trouble on my Mind without all that noise!
We want to hear voices not mixed up chamber junk!

mplschill ,

Oil and Water

I’m in the “not a good collaboration” camp on this one. I wanted the beauty of the Staves, and yMusic made this a very harsh, jarring listen. I will not be purchasing yMusic’s work going forward. I’m sure there’s some value to be found by someone in this recording, but please preview before buying.

love th'beats ,

Beautiful Album

I think this album is incredibly beautiful. I enjoy the collaboration between The Staves & yMusic. The musicality of it remins me of Steven Reich's compositions with beautiful harmonies layered on top. The Staves' voices are so crystal clear. I believe you'll follow in love with it the more and more you listen to it.

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