16 Songs, 41 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5
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33 Ratings

oldrocknroller ,

Jimmy Reed's Music is Unique

As a kid growing up in LA in the 50's, I was fortunate enough to be able to hear Jimmy Reed's music on a couple of radio stations (the only two LA stations back then that played rhythm and blues performed by black musicians). I liked most of it then, but as I grew older, I really began to appreciate how unique and special it is. My brother, who was a professional rock and roll and blues musician himself, also loved Jimmy Reed's music and played more and more of it as he grew older.

Young or old, if you don't know Jimmy's music, but you like rock and roll or the blues, treat yourself to a download of this album (you young guys can show off your savvy of rock and roll roots by playing it for your girlfriends).

Wolverines_120 ,


Jimmy Reed is an exellent blues and jazz musician. This album is a great for anyone who enjoys the blues and a unique raspy voice.

TimothyP ,

High notes

Jimmy likes rolling with the high notes on his harp, unique, pleasing and satisfying, like cleaning your ears of ear wax. You will like the effect and never foget it! I do not agree that it all sounds alike, but I do agree that it all sounds good.

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