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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
117 Ratings

117 Ratings

Slashisgod ,

Just Call him Astro Black,

The Unseen is one of those albums that hits every mood,
it's quite rare for a rap album to do that, but The Unseen
acheives it with flying colors. Whether you feeling gangsta
or just want to wind down from a busy weekend, The Unseen
can help you with pretty much any of your problems. As
you might know, Quasimoto is Madlib's alter ego rapper,
it is as if Madlib sucked up a lot of helium and started rapping.
Although this may sound goofy at first, it really isn't, it's actully
a really really good idea, with Quas rapping about mainstream subjects
it gives Madlib the chance to go to grounds that nobody would dare to
such as rappers bluffin' when they talk about there money, hoes, and
how many people they have shot at, and that the emcees saything this are "Bluffin'" which is a really ballsy subject.
Every song here is golden, every beat is top-notch, and will force
you're attention, it wouldn't be to far of a stretch to say that this
is one of the best produced rap albums ever. Mostly using
jazz samples, on tracks like's "Bluffin'" "Astro Black" and
"Real Eye's" he does it so great, and so effortlesly it's
really amazing. As I said, the albums strongest point is
how many moods it tackles, if you wanna go clubbin
you can put on "Boom Music" if you wanna chill out
than "Good Morning Sunshine" is right up your alley.
And anything and everything you can think of. The one
thing holding it back though, is the major amount of
time and determination it takes to get into the album,
it took me about 7 full listens to start to understand the album.
It has a lot of turnoff's, such as, the gangsta typ might
hate Quas's high voice, or the 40+ skits in the album could
turnoff anybody with a crap attention span, but if you stay true to the album, and don't give
up on it, you'll be highly rewarded with one of the best hip/hop
albums in recent memory.

Bushdoctor420 ,

Top Ten Album of ALLTIME

Lord Quas is the greatest alter ego of all time. This album allows madlib to rap as himself and as quas and the freeverse style lyrics are excellent. The best thing about the album is that most of the music is freeverse as well. It makes for an interesting listen that just captivates. Quas's rhymes are the same as most rappers today except tighter and with more feeling behind it. Simply a masterpiece!

rynokins ,

built for heavy head bobbin

The Unseen is filed in my synapses under 'CLASSIC' - the beats, the timing, the range of moods and modes blow my mind. I set this one on loop for long subway rides and break out my sketchbook - it's food for my thoughts. I strongly recommend getting lifted to this.

good introductory songs to check out: 'The Unseen', 'Axe Puzzles', 'Basic Instinct', 'Astro Travellin', 'Boom Music'

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