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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.9 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

sundown_cicada ,


This album is incredible! The best way I can describe Sikth is you put Protest the hero, Look What I did, and a hint of Sigur Ros in a blender and what you have is Sikth. Sikth are the pioneers for a bands we listen to. This album came out in 2003 and is just phenominal! These guys are from the UK and the unfortunate thing is that they broke up in early 2008 which is very sad thing. A definate buy! Everyone should have this album in your collection. A must have!

jonnyboyfarms ,

mermaid slur interpreters

uk wrathchildren "sikth" are bitter. underneath their unashamedly progressive tendencies, hardcore breaks, jazz influences, and quirky conceptions (see tupelo and cd closer), there is a bad taste in the mouths of screamer justin and growler mikee. the latter tracks are anthems of perversion and disgust. but the lyrics alone are not enough to stray even the more discriminating ears from the audio-candy that is the foriegn ensemble.

tree's opener "scent of the obscene" showcases the entire group's individual talents even before the frontman duo draw blood upon the microphones they seemingly have a vendetta against. hardrocking "pussyfoot" would induce laughter if it weren't for the song's straightforward riff assaults. justin and mikee compliment each other to perfection as each plays off the other's strengths. in fact, the two never butt heads throughout the album.

sikth's debut may not have caught the attention of the masses, although fellow metalheads "protest the hero" have raved about them. but the greatest moments in the cd come from the losses of comfort. sikth never allows the listener to attach to a sound for too long. the "emersons" act as breath-catching intermissions. "tupelo" is bizzare. "cant we all dream?" is trippy, yet enjoyable. the cd's black sheep "peep show" may be the band's most accessible piece. there is no separation anxiety between the frontmen here as justin's surprisingly powerful vocals soar and he carries the song to its satisfying conclusion.

even for a cd so complex, bordering musical a.d.h.d., it all works. sikth's ability to straddle the wires of anthemic and overachievement make this 2003 release one of the best of the year.



Words really can't describe this album. This band is incredibly unique and offers a sound you won't hear anywhere else. How the band writes this music is beyond me!

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