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4.8 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

gnperdue ,

Perhaps the pinnacle of minimalist drone

This might be the best drone album ever recorded. It is certainly in the top ten. If you are already a fan of drone/ambient then this album is a must own. If you aren't, but would like to explore the genre, this is an absolutely wonderful place to start. The music is rich, majestic, and full of deep currents of emotion. If you are afraid to commit to the entire album, the Broken Harbors triptych is simply beautiful and is the best set on the album. If I were picking out music to listen to while sitting on the observation deck of a starship in deep space, I would start with Broken Harbors.

The obligatory note about drone: if you are unfamiliar with drone, be aware that it is not for everyone. You should sample first and see if you enjoy the sort of stretched tones and minimalist vibrations that characterize the genre.

johndomondo ,


i must say that this is not only the prime example of what the genre entails but one of my favorite records of recent. wow... i want to say so bad that it is one of my all time favorite records.... why not? okay thats it, i officialy decided that it is, right here in the middle of writing this review. (more hype:)
when god and ambient drone got together this is what came of it. yes thats right this is the baby, the baby that grew up to be the most important album on earth. okay, no really, this is more than a fine album, its a modern masterpiece (i really mean that one). requiem for dying mothers is my favorite set as of now, if you are looking for a sample.

tonepoet ,

Not your typical minimalistic ambient

The difference that I have found with a lot of this ambient music is that some is what I would call 'lazy', where it just sits on a drone for 45 minutes and puts you to sleep. Not with Stars of the Lid. They offer a more melodic direction. For some reason, this CD really pulls my heartstrings and offers some nice harmonic ideas that are simple yet effective. The first two songs are my favorite (all of them are great) and the price is well worth the admission. If you ever buy ambient music, this should be the one. It has all of the elation, sorrow and beauty that exists in this realm.

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