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37 Ratings

Phyllis Gallagher ,

A new treasure

For those looking for more out of their music than merely being hummable or dare I say - car commercial worthy - we have a gem here. I was floored by the Lips last release which has come to be one of my favorite recent releases. This album - after just a few spins has captured a like feeling. Much more studio wizardry and not as much raw feeling yet striking a similar chord. A beautiful album full of pulsing weirdness.

Acid Jack ,

Respectable doesn't mean listenable

Over the last 5 years or so, The Flaming Lips have gone from being my favorite band to being like Radiohead - a band whose music I respect but don't enjoy. If you like weird for weirds sake, this album is for you. If you want something strange to do drugs to, this album is right up your ally. If you want anything remotely hummable, though, go elsewhere, because the Flaming Lips seem intent on hammering into our heads that they are artistic, and the rules no longer apply.

TeeJayNeeMan ,

Embryonic fans will love it, Yoshimi/At War fans maybe not.

This album is similar to Embryonic in a lot of ways. Longer, trippier songs that flow together very nicely. With Embryonic and this album, when you are done with the album (the true album, not deluxe version), you feel like you've listened to one long amazing song. The other day, I listened to Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (which, is a very close 2nd to The Soft Bulletin for my favorite 'Lips album), anyways, what I realized is although the songs on Embryonic and The Terror aren't as radio-friendly and catchy, they are deep songs that offer more the more you listen to them. For example, a song that you didn't at first find intriguing will later pop out and you will finally realize the greatness of that song.

All in all, true Flaming Lips fans will love it, especially after more than four listens...while softer fans that liked songs like "Do You Realize??" and "The W.A.N.D" might not get it. The best advice I can give to people who dislike this album is to 1) listen to it more than once or twice and 2) realize that this is to be taken as a whole album, and not a collection of individual songs. I personally, am still getting deeper into it with each listen...and that's what I love the most about it. THE TERROR.

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