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52 Ratings

Jason Miller ,

Thud is only a middle chapter…

…in an amazing and tragic musical story. While I’m very happy to finally see Kevin Gilbert on iTunes, my first question to his estate is, ‘Where’s the rest?’ I understand there must be myriad legal issues to conquer, but the music world desperately needs full access to the many contributions of KGs musical gift.

My first advice to anyone who wants to move beyond Thud in exploring Gilbert’s catalogue is to find and purchase by any means necessary:

1. Shaming of the True
This is by far Kevin’s most personal and imaginative work, in addition to being one of my personal top 5 favorite albums ever released by any artist. Easy to find online, this is a must-own concept album that simply defies any one categorical label, and sadly was the last project he (nearly) completed before his untimely death. A very close friend of Gilbert’s, the also multi-talented Nick D’Virgilio took up the reins and lovingly assembled the existing pieces to help finish this masterwork.

2. Toy Matinee
Also in my top 5 (yes, KG is that good!), this was a collaborative project with Patrick Leonard and a handful of some of the absolute best studio musicians ever assembled. Kevin was able to pick up any instrument and play as a virtuoso. And though he contributes generously on TM musically, it is his role as the front man and lead vocalist for Toy Matinee that immediately makes you wonder where and why the recording industry was hiding this rare prodigy.

3. Kashmir and Back In N.Y.C.
These are the two stand-out examples of Kevin’s inspired ability to turn anthemic classics that cannot possibly be improved on into crafted tributes to the original artists that stand completely on their own. Thankfully, the latter is available on iTunes, however to my knowledge, Kashmir was only available as an attached single to THUD early in its release. Why it is not also available on iTunes yet is a mystery, but again, find this recording ASAP!

The story is still not fully told in the above selections. Giraffe was one of Kevin’s earliest bands and for its time was brilliant. But until you are a dyed-in-the-wool Gilbert fan, these songs will feel dated. And a true find that even many KG affectionados are unaware of is a Progfest ’94 recording of Kevin and members of Giraffe performing Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. With a little online detective work, you can find this recording. And if you appreciate both Genesis and Gilbert, you will not at all be disappointed.

Mr. Book ,

Unknown Genius

Kevin has never gotten his due. It was true while he was alive and is still true now. Bottom line: he was a pop genius. If you want to hear him at his best, check out this album as well as "Toy Matinee," a project he did with Patrick Leonard (himself a genius). "When You Give Your Love to Me" is my personal favorite as it perfectly illustrates his witty sense of humor. Also, if you can find a copy of "The Shaming of the True," you've found a priceless gem. Buy it without questioning.

Mark Hornsby ,

Still a great album

I'm glad to see this finally made it on iTunes, years after the record has been out of print. Do yourself a favor: grab a strong drink, a good set of headphones, and listen to this album.

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