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8 Ratings

Jjjjjj1818 ,

His best work yet, obviously.

I don't know who wrote the review saying this wasn't his best work. I completely, totally, 100% disagree. I've been following Feadz since the early 2000s and was completely blown away with his most recent solo work, the T.U.F.F. EP.

"Dial-A-Tool" and "Place des Tuff" are his usual lovely, interesting, beat-always-changing bangers using wonderfully fun (and often unexpected, weird) samples.

On "The Ultimate" and "Four Sight" we get more of those weird, interesting samples but in a slower manner than what I had come to expect with Feadz. "The Ultimate", especially, is a beautiful track to just sit back and go on a musical journey with the always changing beat.

"Sunny View" is also much slower, not to mention much, much more heartfelt (in terms of lyrics) than anything I have ever heard from the master DJ before. My guess is that "Sunny View" is a response track to his ex-girlfriend, Uffie's 2007 single, "First Love". Look up the lyrics and listen to the songs one after another and I think you'll see what I mean. A very creative track, you can tell the energy and emotion Feadz put into "Sunny View". You even get to hear Mr. Feadz singing (altered in a very unique way) on the track, it's so lovely...a huge highlight on the album.

My favourite tracks, the most unexpected, as they only run a mere 1:33 and 2:16 respectively, are "AK Theme" and "TM Team". The short but extremely sweet tracks are so relaxing to me. Whenever listening to the songs I just sit back and observe all of the exquisite subtleties of TM Team and AK Theme.

Definitely worth checking out! Please buy and support one of the most creative DJs of my generation!

dasponja ,

Feadz is bangin', we are shouting!

Feadz is an amazing artist/producer and his evident hard work on The T.U.F.F. proves it! Feadz always brings something new into the musical world and this new E.P. proves just that. There is really not one song I feel sounds like anyone else's music already, and it's always fresh and exciting every time to listen to these tracks! Only thing that I felt was odd was that he was maybe three or four tracks away from an album... That would have been incredible too. But to sum all this up, just go ahead and click the "BUY ALBUM" button. You won't regret it.

logitik ,

Not his best, but decent

I love Feadz, this EP isn't his best work though- with the exception of "The Ultimate".

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