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16 Ratings

Pizza Guy ,

Double Bass

Millencolin's "Life On A Plate" is a prime example of 90s pop punk mixed with ska riffs. This Swedish punk band, lead by Nikola Sarcevic, has a very unique style of writing lyrics. The first song on the album "Bullion" is about getting out and finally picking yourself up. With unique (yet genius) lyrics like "If I only had the strength to make some muffins, I swear that I would share them with you now", this album is a surefire bet for anyone who wants something different and rad.

Other classic songs included Vulcan Ears, Move Your Car, Airhead, Killercrush, and... ah heck, everything on the disc! Another great thing about this CD is drummer Fredrik Larzon. With constant double bass, his drumming sounds energetic and ready explode at any given time

FrankTheTankxx ,

Wow Millencolin!

Life on a Plate fueled my very existence in 1997!!! No skate trick was too hard to attempt with “Friends till the End” blasting out of my headphones. Love this band, and I had nearly forgotten about them. Ran into their new album on iTunes, and glad I rediscovered this gem

JuStJoEL ,

One of the best!

Loaded with sick catchy guitar riffs...
buy: Killercrush, Bullion and Story of my life....for sure

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