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1.1K Ratings

JRock8046 ,

Julie Andrews's film isn't "the original version."

Everyone giving this one star only because it won't "live up to the original with Julie Andrews" need to get a life...and realize that Julie Andrews film, while it was awesome, IS NOT the original version of this musical. The Sound of Music was a stage production in the late 1950's starring Mary Martin, and is quite different from the 1965 film you all love so much. Stage musicals are revived all the time with completely different casts. This current production is going to be based off of the original stage version and not the film, so there should really be so bias in slamming this version. Wait until you see it and render judgement against it on its own merits.

Lindz888 ,

So excited!

As a huge fan of both Carrie Underwood and the original Sound of Music, I can’t wait for this! I don’t see it as them trying to outdo the movie or anything, seeing as it’s not even a movie- it’s a staged event. That’s what The Sound of Music was before it became a movie anyway. I think it’s going to be a great homage with a hugely talented cast and let’s get real: Carrie Underwood has the voice of an angel, this is going to be amazing!

JoshfromPA ,

C'mon people...

You one star reviewers judging it before you've even seen/heard it need to just grow up. Of course Julie Andrews was brilliant in the movie but this is a LIVE STAGE PRODUCTION that happens to be televised, they're not remaking a movie. Seriously people should have to take an I.Q. test before writing a review...

Oh and I adore Carrie Underwood!

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