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28 Ratings

Davariant ,

Different! Deeper, Darker, and just Dapper.

If you've kept up with Teitur, then you shouldn't be surprised that this album is a big step forward for him.

There is a great deal of experimental instrumentation and very fundamental and simplistic composition.

Teitur has been a mind-blowing experience since he released the light, modern and alternative pop acoustic release of Poetry & Aeroplanes.

With each new album he has changed his sound and moved futher away from the love-lorn pop melodies of P & A.

Stay Under the Stars was a more mature, and denser sound for him, with more instrumentation and a melodic structure with a much more musical feel to it. Those melodies were accompanied by a raw and more powerful timbre of vocal tone, as Teitur also gave his voice a much greater depth between the two albums. With these new tools, teitur made an album with a darker and stronger feel, with songs like Carousel and Thief About to Break In.

Kata Hornid I have only begun to listen to, and it too is a fascinating album, as though he took his experience with Stay Under the Stars and stripped it down to something even more simplistic.

But The Singer is SO different for Teitur.

Bringing in alot of simplified classical instrumentation, with horn and string compositions appearing in several songs, Teitur has almost eradicated the light and achingly beautiful acoustic guitar work that dominated his past albums.

This is no longer pop music, but instead a sort of intelligent (brilliant even) form of alternative experimental classical pop.

There's also a very simplistic melodic structure, haunting and complimentary to the music, mixing in with the instrumentation, as opposed to leading the songs. Complimenting this simplistic melody form is the lyrical work. It's just simple, open, and raw. Teitur tells stories, opens up his questions and fears, and interacts with his listeners through a broken and humiliated stance.

So whether you're a Teitur fan or not, this is a great purchase, filled with music that will expand your mind (if it's open to being expanded, that is) and make you think.

Teitur quotes a friend on his website who says that this album is more "Mind & Heart music, as opposed to Body & Soul."

So check it out and be prepared for something new from a musical genius.

El_Drewsifer ,


Teitur is a artist who seems to reach a new level of deep!! There's such a depth and a purity to his songwriting that it's hard to explain. And using words can only bring it down. Teitur is one of those few singer/songwriters who's records you don't grow tired of hearing. Because there so quality. And as for this new offering, there's no exception. The "Singer" in my opinion, is a Landmark record. It's absolutely brilliant!! And is destined to be discovered and re-discovered for years to come!! And if your someone looking for an artist who's music you want to grow old with. Than look no further!! Because these tunes will take good care of you ;-)

krw52 ,


I also loved "Poetry and Aeroplanes" and this album may as well have been recorded by an entirely different musician. As great and meaningful as the songs were on that album, these are terrible, self-indulgent and almost unlistenable. I dare anyone who enjoyed "Poetry and Aeroplanes" to get through the title track of "The Singer" without thinking that Teitur is playing some kind of practical joke on us all. One gets the sense that with these songs he wants to be the second coming of Beck, but in reality he sounds like a first-year music grad school student trying to make music so bad that it winds up being good. He doesn't succeed at that either.

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