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7 Ratings

SincerelyJoy ,


‪When you’re experiencing it live, you don’t fully take in the production of it all in the moment. You’re more focused on... you know.. JESSE FREAKIN MCCARTNEY. ‬

‪Occasionally you tap out of that world when he goes off the cuff, but this live album makes you appreciate the entire package and truly shows how much he has grown vocally. I can’t stop listening to it.

CMehltretter ,

Want something ol’ school, yet new? Try him out!


The old, and the new. I love it! ❤️

Dear Readers,

Please take a moment to sample, and purchase this album. Give it a shot, and you may fall in love with the style. 👌🏽

Dear Jesse,

So proud to see you blossom into the gentleman you have become. Congrats on your engagement btw! You know I’ll be there with bells and whistle on to every tour continuing to purchase tickets, and albums. This particular one is a treat because it reminds me of the last concert in Orlando, FL. I will also continue offering your music as an option to all that I meet. I love to hear (and see) you growing the way you are. I really wish more people would give your newer music a shot and stop hanging on so much to Beautiful Soul. I know that’s where we “started”, and it’s has a lot of value, nostalgia, and importance to it... but, I’d love to here more of the new music too! I’m excited for what more you have in store for us. 😎

Dearest Katie,
If you happen to be reading this particular review to support your man. I just wanted to say I adore you, I’m super psyched about y’alls engagement, and welcome to the family. 🌹

And Dear JMacers,
Y’all know what to do... 😏

Yours truly,

Heather Bicknell ,

Jesse is amazing and his vocals are killer!

I’m so glad Jesse put this out. It’s amazing. It’s about time he gave us a new Live album, the last one being in 2005. His vocals are stellar and on point and just amazing. I love this album so much. It’s so wonderful. I’ve seen him in concert three times with the most recent being The Resolution Tour. With this album I can relive that tour over and over again. Thank you Jesse

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