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4.8 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

King Pig III ,

Better than people say

This album is way better than given credit for. Here, have a track by track
1. Uprising- Simple and amazing bass oriented rock track 10/10
2. The Resistance- Wonderful with the ambient synths, piano and just tone of this alt rock track 10/10
3. Undisclosed Desires- No. Just no. It's not that I'm a "it needs to be heavy" nerd, it's just the fact that this song is irritating. 5/10
4. United States of Eurasia- Another stinker for me. This track has four parts. The parts are good individually. However, it feels like here they were mushed together, and really poorly done. 6/10
5. Guiding Light- This song is pretty freaking good. Chilling guitar solo, catchy song, one of Muse's happier sounding songs. 10/10
6. Unnatural Selection- Despite the preachiness of this song, it's got cool lyrics and a rock hard feel that makes you want to chant and shout and do stuff. 10/10
7. MK Ultra- It's pretty good, it's taken a while though it didn't have an immediate grabbing point, nice rock track 8/10
8. I Belong To You (Some French Crap I Don't Understand)- I love this song to death. It makes me want to dance as soon as it comes on, and it has a nice little slow part in the middle. I only wish it stopped after the slow part and didn't rehash the beginning 9/10
9, 10, 11. Exogenesis Symphony- Part 1 is really good when you can understand what he's saying. Part 2 is hard to get into but once you do it's really good. Part 3 is also a really good "hope" song just wished there was more singing. Nice way to end the album, get these songs 9.5/10
Overall 9/10

A Reviewer of Stuff ,


This album ended up taking a bit (more like two years) to grown on me since I first heard it, but now, it’s hands-down one of my favorite albums. I especially love Exogenesis Symphony, MK Ultra, and Unnatural Selection, which are songs only Muse could’ve pulled off, really.

Things I liked about the album:
- Progression of tracks
- Diversity of styles & genre blending
- The cover art 🔥
- Departure from & similarities to previous albums
- It had the best production of any Muse album (when it was released)

Things I didn’t like about the album in, like, 2010 that I now appreciate:
- United States of Eurasia is a really good song but really weird and kind of trite
- Why did they end USE with Chopin??
- Matt singing in French on I Belong To You (which is an amazing song, btw...idk why I didn’t like it; his pronunciation is spot-on)

tl;dr I love Muse.

Danman123321 ,

Just simply, WOW!!

How well Muse blends classical music with rock is just beyond me. This is just an example of Muse’s pure, raw talent. These guys are literally the best!
Best songs:
Uprising: one of the best pump you up anthems of all time!
Undisclosed Desires: not like anything Muse has ever done before and an awesome, catchy love song different from the rest.
Exogenesis all parts: Simply beautiful!
I Belong to You: very different especially with the French, or Latin, or whatever it is, but has an awesome beginning, middle, and end.

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