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10 Ratings

smilesw93 ,

A Little Bit of Everybody

As I write this, I'll have you know that I have not seen this movie yet. However, I have both seen the previous film and listened to its soundtrack cover-to-cover. That being said, having listened to this one...Nathan Whitehead changed. For better or worse, you ask? Well, for better. I say this because once again, having listened to this I've found how vastly different this is in terms of tone. In other words, the soundtrack for the first film was a bit more dark and bordering on horror movie but here, well lemme spit it for you this way (and every name I drop is gonna be a composer so bare with me): Take John Murphy's score for "28 Days Later", throw in a little bit of Tomandandy's score for "The Strangers", Tyler Bates' score for "Doomsday", Clint Mansell's score of "Smokin' Aces", Charlie Clouser's score of "Saw", Michael Wandmacher's score of "My Bloody Valentine", David Julyan's score for "The Descent", a hint of Mark Isham's score for "Running Scared", and finally...a dash of Henry Jackman's score of "Captain Phillips"...at least for the final track, anyway. The bottom line is this: this particular soundtrack to what could be an inevitable movie franchise is different, but has a little bit of everybody----and I like that.

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