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16 Ratings

Catcarly ,

Better half a glass than none

Yes, would be better if the full pieces were there, but this is an album aimed at the listener who has at most one CD of Mr. Glass' music or has none but is interested. They are not going to buy a four CD set. Hopefully, they will give this a chance and move on to complete works. Here, and you will pardon the obvious pun, half a glass is better than none.

baduk ,

Slivers of brilliance are just slivers

There are many wonderful Philip Glass CDs out there. This is not one of them.

Glass' work is challenging (note how some other reviewers resort to poorly-spelled insults in response to music that challenges them), glorious, sensual, and very rewarding to listen to. He is also unique. There will be those who claim that "all minimalists are the same" -- that's a bit like claiming "all Beach Boys songs sound the same" -- yes, if you don't like them, they probably do sound the same. BUT -- How many other "minimalist" composers have based two symphonies on themes from instrumental works by David Bowie? How many others have produced so many wonderful music for film? (I'm thinking of Koyaaisqatsi and Kundun here but there are several dozen more) How many others will produce an opera whose story spans 1000s of years? Glass has a creative energy which is exhilarating for the careful listener.

The issue here with this album is that it is supposed to represent some kind of sampler of the music of Philip Glass. Unfortunately, his music is not suited to sampling minute bits. There will usually be a cumulative effect of his longer pieces which is the primary emotive force in his work. Part of the power of his operas and longer works is that they ARE long. An analogy here is Mahler's Third Symphony. Were you to simply listen to the last 5 minutes without also listening to the preceding 85, your impression of Mahler's Third would be skewed. Maybe you'd like the whole thing but maybe not. There would just be no way to tell. I think there's a huge difference between becoming immersed in a sound-world and just checking out a snippet. What we have here is basically a biopsy of Glass' work -- a thin sliver of tissue meant to represent the whole. But the whole is the whole point of Glass' work.

For those interested in Glass, I'd suggest starting with the "Low" or "Heroes" symphonies, or any of his film scores. If you like that then try his opera "Satyagraha" which is partially based on the life of Ghandi.

Jartread ,

Glass is brilliant but you need a full glass, not sips

I would never detract anyone from discovering the brilliance of Philip Glass. However, I don't see how you can appropriately listen to these various tracks away from their entire pieces of work. I would encourage anyone who is not familiar with his work, to take the time to listen to his full works, not just slivers. Its like reading a chapter from 11 different books of the same author. You will get a taste but will be lost from the entire story and genius of how the chapter fits. Having said that, every track on this collection is fantastic.

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