18 Songs, 57 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.4 out of 5
197 Ratings

197 Ratings

k.t.d. ,


GCH's debut album is one to be remembered. When it was released, GCH was an underground hiphop band that was signed with a rock label. The instruments feel more personal than an electronic beat, and Travis is the icing on the cake, with (for the most part) dense lyrics and an impressive flow. It is also releaving to find a rapper who can draw you into his rhymes without using profanity. Graduation day and Apollo 3-1-5 display how the band stands on its own without travis, and they do just fine. Makeout Club blends humorous verses with a very personal chorus, resulting in a catchy, but meaningful song. On Taxi Driver, Travis makes one long verse in which he tells a story using modern band names. At first it seems like a normal song, but when you look out for the names, it becomes so much more impressive. Cupids chokehold puts a great spin on an old classic, and creates a cool modern classic. (Whether it is better or worse than Supertramp's original is irrelevant, because it is a different song, and the two cannot be compared) There is no filler in this album, each song being just as creative and deep as the next. Most succeed, and very few of the songs fail, besides maybe "Pillmatic", which just seems like it doesnt need to be on the album. The closing track, "Band Aids", is brilliantly titled, spinning off of the album name and the first single "papercuts". Altho it actually only has a chorus, and 4 minutes of silence, those first few words and the epic beat leave you with an excellent sense of closure and you probably will sit through the four minutes, just thinking...wow.

Very Solid album, and a must have for any underground rap fan. GCH is among my favorite hiphop artists, along with Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, and MF Doom. Too bad they're mainstream now. We can only hope that the next album they release wont be as comercialized as the mtv version of cupids chokehold.

The Guy... ,

This is album is a masterpiece!

This album is truly genious. Unlike all the others that wrote those bad reviews i will tell exactly how the album is like (since i own it). If you like songs about real life, i strongly recommend this album. And CUPIDS CHOKEHOLD IS NOT their BEST SONG OKAY! Got it. There is much better songs in this album like Faces in the Hall or Make out Club. This album is for people who are living real life and are happy about who they are.

chralvernaz ,


This is why I hate MTV.
Pretty much all of the reviews on here are completely inaccurate about this band. Just because they took the hook out of Supertramp's song does not make CC a rip-off.. The songs are NOT all about girls and they definitely do not all sound the same (or maybe I just know the difference because I ACTUALLY listen to GCH and am able to say I'm a big fan, PRE-MTV). The version of Cupid's Chokehold on this CD is definitely not pre-Patrick Stump, whatever that was supposed to mean (like he makes it bad? Ugh).
Not that I'm not glad GCH made it.. I always thought they should be bigger than they were. Mainly only people who listened to the Hush Sound & bands like that liked GCH. But now they are and they get the ignorance that comes with having MTV-based fans. Cool.

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