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4.8 out of 5
109 Ratings

109 Ratings

shmecky ,

Great for the casual JEW fan who wants more.

Assuming that you already have heard the majority of these songs, own the original Bleed American album...then the extra songs are awesome. Especially if you're just a casual fan who wants to hear more, but doesn't want to track down all the EP's and singles. But even for the hardcore fans who have the physical CD with every song on here, it's worth the money just to get the new version of "Your House". Not overdone at all! It sounds like a cleaner version of all the live recordings of it floating around, and without an audience in the background.

Casual fans will love the extra songs, and hardcore fans will love the new "Your House".
Can't put it any more simpler than that (:

bobbybrownkc ,

Amazing for hardcore JEW fans or the casual listener...

Being an avid fan of their work for the past 10 years, this CD gives me everything I could ever hope for in a re-release. Bleed American is easily in the top 10 alternative rock albums of all time, and on top of that you get an amazing mix of "extras" that most fans have never heard before. Everyone knows "The Middle" and "Sweetness", but honestly there isnt a song on here I havent listened to hundreds of times. Hardcore fans already know The Most Beautiful Things, No Sensitivity, and Splash due to their release on EP's in the past...but they are all 100% worth buying if you havent heard them yet. Personal favorites of the rest include The Middle (Acoustic Version) and Get It Faster (Sessions at AOL). The big kicker of the CD has to be, however, Your House 2007. Great re-make of an already great song in the first place. All in all, BA is just an amazing album and the deluxe version just adds to its greatness.

lukerem ,

Is it posable to fall in love twice with the same cd?? 

I have all 5 of Jimmy Eat World's albums and I've been to three of their concerts, but the second release of Bleed American has made me full on obsessed with them.  This album has so much more to it.  Not only does it have all my favorite songs done in new and interesting ways, but it also features 8 unreleased tracks.   "Splash, Turn and Twist"  is definitely my new favorite song.  Thank you Jimmy Eat World!!!!

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