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4.8 out of 5
110 Ratings

110 Ratings

AngelaAmaranth ,

It's Enya, come on

I love Enya.
Even though I am a rocker
I love her, because she has something that's universally...good.
But come on iTunes, who the heck writes your reviews? Enya SOULLESS? How is music that sounds like heaven and is inspired by our ancestors, soulless? Maybe these tracks sound simular, but this is kind of like, a concept album, tracks are supposed to flow, not jar. Look at the top 10 of the moment pop hits for soulless. This reviewer was not only unobservant, he probably has never even listened to anything Enya does, especially gems like "The Memory of Trees" and "Athair Ar Neamh". He makes her sound trite and trend-following like the rest of our "top artists". Come on.

velvetriver ,

Great album, bad review.

The songs on here are completely different than that of the newer albums, in a good way. The flowing melody along with Enya's soulful voice are truly unique, something no one else can accomplish. This music is very good for relaxing and really helps to relieve stress.

Who ever wrote the official review sounds halfhearted. It's our money we are deciding to spend and they should try to convince us that this is a good album to buy. If I was not an Enya fan and saw the review I would not think that I would want to buy anything this album. iTunes is costing itself money by writing reviews like this.

RealtyConstruct ,


Unknown Reviewer of Itunes, how can you deem Enya "souless"? I've had some of the most profound personal moments with this album. Her use of sweeping chord progressions and characteristic elegance remain infinitely mesmerizing to me.

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