12 Songs, 1 Hour 13 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

matycee ,


....anyone who's whining about this incredibly diverse and staggerlingly original romp is simply, if not unconsciously so, jealous they're not as good at an instrument. Or anything for that matter. This is truly courageous and good

FNizZzZ ,


It's really good after you give it some time. It's a much more progressive album than I expected, although I should've expected that.

DaUnknown ,


This album is simply mind-blowing. When you hear the opener “Carbon Phrases for the first time, Alkaloid does a great job of making you think they’re just going to be another Opeth impersonator. However, once the album starts to kick in, an incredible concept starts to kick in and the music becomes unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

The Malkuth Grimoire has constant dynamic shifts throughout it’s hour-long run time. Morean’s abnormally wide range of vocal styles creates a unique sound ranging anywhere between Obscura, Augury, and even Metallica. The guitar work is incredible, and Grossman is stellar on drums as always. The lyrics are incredible and easy to understand.

If you’re musically advanced at all or like hearing strange, experimental twists on an old genre, The Malkuth Grimoire is the album for you. Fans of Beyond Creation, Obscura, Augury, and Necrophagist will particularly enjoy it. If you ask me, it’s a contender for death metal album of the year. A solid 5/5.

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