Editors’ Notes In 2019, with his third album Henosis, Dutch pianist Joep Beving added strings and electronic effects to the fragile, solitary sound of his upright piano. As something of a coda, Beving’s single The London Session, available exclusively on Apple Music, pairs him with Sonderling Quartet. It includes a new version of 2017’s “An Amalgamation Waltz 1839” with strings and solo soprano Grace Davidson adding warmth and richness to Beving’s haunting meditation on our troubled past. There’s a brand-new track here too. Released during the COVID-19 lockdown, “September,” for piano and strings, chimes strongly with those uncertain times via its nostalgic undertones—a glimpse of halcyon days through a shimmering lens.

An Amalgamation Waltz 1839 (Vocal Version)

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