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7 Ratings

CandiceMichelle1 ,

From Journeyscapes Radio

Juliet Lyons is an accomplished singer, songwriter and composer for film and television, who's lent her vocals to various trailers as well as trance-dance and relaxation music. On her latest album, The Light Within (subtitled Songs for Yoga, Healing & Inner Peace) she serves up a soothingly soulful blend of ethereal vocals and lush instrumentation bathed in an Eastern mystique, for an overall vibe that could be described as a Buddha Bar meets healing spa soundscape.

Comprised of ten compositions all written and produced by Juliet Lyons (with “Eternal Now” co-written by Doug Lyons) The Light Within also enlists the talents of several notable guest musicians, including Ricky Kej, Vanil Vegas, Ron Korb and others. Both contemporary and world concepts beautifully collide on these pristine arrangements, which variably feature everything from keyboards and guitars to Native flute, cello, santoor, tabla drums, sacred chants, English-sung melodies and harmonious vocal layers.

While I expected this album to be a pleasant listen, I was in fact quite surprised by how wonderful it truly turned out to be, with its flawless interweaving of warmly engaging melodies, subtle ambient textures and acoustic world elements. And although calming in essence, the music also seemingly embodies a playful oceanic spirit that's evocative of basking in the sun, the sand and the sea.

One of my favorite pieces is “Flow”, on which Juliet Lyons’ wordless vocals softly soar among a silky sound palette of gentle sitar and chilled groove that brings-to-mind a room filled with incense smoke. Also noteworthy is the sensual “Calm”, an ultra-downtempo piece with a dimly-lit atmosphere that employs English lyrics and electric guitar. Additionally, the title piece “The Light Within” is a gorgeous instrumental that delightfully recalls some of Amethystium’s music.

Juliet Lyons’ breathy and sensuous singing style can be somewhat likened to Donna De Lory's, albeit airier, while the mood and instrumentation of several arrangements bears some reminiscence to Paul Avgerinos’ equally outstanding Bhakti album. Additionally, fans of Deva Premal and White Sun might want to check out this album as well.

Though subtitled Songs for Yoga, Healing & Inner Peace, I’ve found myself playing this in the car a lot lately, so perhaps one could tag “and reducing stress while driving” onto that description as well.

A top-notch production sure to have much cross-genre appeal, The Light Within illuminates the listening space and seemingly infuses it with a sense of solace. Though I have much reluctance towards the “new age” label, nevertheless, since that’s the category under which music like this gets filed, with that in mind The Light Within is arguably one of the year’s finest albums in that realm, and sits among my current favorite vocal-centric albums!

KathyPiano7 ,

From MainlyPiano

Juliet Lyons and a very impressive group of supporting artists have created a peaceful and uplifting musical refuge for healing, stress relief, relaxation, meditation and pure musical enjoyment with "The Light Within." Lyons, a singer/songwriter and composer for film and television, is best-known for her soaring, emotional vocals in movie trailers as well as in Trance and New Age music. Coming from a place of love, Juliet’s expressive voice touches the heart with warmth and sincerity. The album is subtitled “Songs for Yoga, Healing & Inner Peace,” and although it was conceived as “music for a purpose,” it is also a soothing and relaxing listening experience with its messages of love, peace and living in the present. Lyons’ varied musical life makes itself known within her music, blending new age, world, pop and soundtrack stylings to create a unique and very beautiful sound. Guest artists include Rupesh Menon (chants), Judy Kang (cello), Ron Korb (flute), David Vito Gregoli (programming, sitar, bass and guitars), and Ricky Kej (keyboards, programming). Lyons wrote all of the songs, provides vocals for each piece, and also plays Native flute and piano.

"The Light Within" begins with “Lokah Samastah,” a lively song with an infectious rhythm that features chants (Lyons and Menon), keyboards (Kej), guitars (Allen DeSomer), santoor (Vanil Vegas) and tabla (Karthik K). It opens with a droning sound before Lyons’ lovely voice enters with a heartfelt prayer for peace and love. “Om Shanti” doesn’t have lyrics, but Lyons’ ethereal voice caresses the mind and the soothes the soul. David Vito Gregoli is a master of many world instruments, and he plays sitar, bass and guitars as well as programming on “Flow.” Lyon’s voice floats on a peaceful cloud of sound while the only word in the lyrics is the songtitle. I really like this one! “Calm” is in a more pop style with breathy vocals and a strong, slow beat. “Dawning Equilibrium” is a quiet instrumental that features Lyons on Native flute. There is quite a bit of piano in this one, too, along with atmospheric keyboard sounds - also a favorite. “Stillness” features Judy Kang’s gorgeous cello playing and Lyons’ one-word vocals (the title) - hypnotic! “Eternal Now” was co-written with Doug Lyons and provides a much-needed reminder to not live in the past or the future, but to “Live where you are / In the eternal now.” Ron Korb and his flute really soar on this beautiful song! “Heal You” also has a very pop sound and could be the music behind the closing credits of a movie. Judy Kang returns on the title track, as does Allen DeSomer. Also a poignant instrumental that includes piano, keyboards and a strong (slow) beat, this is my favorite track on the album. The Light Within closes with the gentle and uplifting “Shine,” a loving song that features Lyons on piano and DeSomer on guitar.

I don’t review a lot of vocal albums, but I really like this one! The warmth and soothing quality of the music is an excellent antidote to the stress and craziness of our lives, and I, for one, welcome that with open arms!

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