The Invisible

The Invisible

Daniel Bashta infuses his worship music with a palpable urgency on his sophomore album, The Invisible. The Louisiana-born Christian singer/songwriter builds his sound around his intense, slightly anguished vocals, devotional lyrics, and soaring folk-pop melodies. Though more concise than the songs on his debut release, Bashta’s latest tunes are far from restrained—the same fiery faith and spiritual hunger that invited comparisons with the likes of Keith Green is still present. The album opener, “I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus),” sets the tone with its desperate hosannas and uplifting arrangement. “Praise the Invisible,” “Great Is the Lord,” and “Behold the Lamb” sustain this aura of grandeur. Bittersweet harmonies and elegant string backup give “Deliver Us” a luminous quality, while “By My Side” uses martial drumming and rising orchestration to create a majestic mood. Bashta’s lyrical vision is as expansive as his musical ideas—“In the Ruins,” for instance, contemplates God’s eternal presence amid the crumbling of the material world. For all its lofty themes, The Invisible is a humble, vulnerable work, filled with a sense of awe in the presence of the Lord.

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