10 Songs, 43 Minutes


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3.9 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

cdt80 ,


Okay, so this is a very specific sub genre of metal that is very much an aquired taste. If you don't get it, that doesn't mean it is bad, it just means that this sort of music is not for you. The musicians are insanely talented and absolutely SHRED, but if you don't like that sort of thing then just move along. Also, if you are offended by anti-religious over AND undertones then don't be purposefully obtuse and listen to a band named "Rotting Christ" and specifically an album with THIS COVER. So, I am hoping this review is deemed relevant enough to get sorted into the "most helpful" category so people can see my headline and realize it is not for them before they listen and then weigh down a 5-star album with 1-star nastiness. Please upvote my review if you agree. RC is incredible and this album, unsurprisingly, is a masterpiece.

JuzAnotherMetalFan ,


As usual, ignorant folks give these types of bands very negative & dumb reviews. Who cares if they are “anti-religion”? Without a doubt whiny religious metalheads will talk trash about this band, it’s always a given. I listen to plenty of “christian” bands, but definitely could care less about their lyrics. Or calling them “lame” & other silly things. All that truly matters is the music. Anyhow, if you enjoy progressive black metal, this album is pretty darn GREAT. Do give it a listen. Rotting Christ’s jams hardly ever disappoint!

Sinatra Kennedy ,

As good as it gets

This is the best most reliable Black Metal band in the business. Dependable and evil as hell!!

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