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15 Ratings

holloways ,

so "punk" bands sometimes DO have musicianship...

wait, did I just hear a reprise? yknow, that 'thing' where a band will repeat a hook or phrase from one song in a completely different song, except it's acceptable and quite deep?

yeah, the lawrence arms did it, and they did it awesome.

what i absolutely adore about this band is that they've had the same members since the start. they didn't take on a 2nd guitarist to add to the "live show" presence and - speaking of live show - they aren't really concerned about sobriety or hitting all the notes. the larry arms is a band of average dudes (above average at writing music) and they're not trying to be anything but that, not to mention ALL THESE GUYS are some of the nicest, funniest, and honestly good-hearted people I've ever met. I was lucky enough to see these guys live a couple times, the shows were a beer-fest of sing alongs and light-hearted jokes; one show, Chris even took his own time to sit down on stage and talk with me for quite a bit after a show. That doesn't usually happen.

"the greatest story..." shows the larry arms standing the test of time. Brendan and Chris switch up songs here and along with the dynamic difference between the vocalists, the music changes too. "the raw and searing flesh" is a somber, melodic, beautiful song and is subsequently cut off by "on with the show"; a fist-in-the-air, volume to 10, rock out fest. Just the difference between track 2 and 3 should give anyone a general idea of what you can expect on this album, which is a variety of great, GREAT 'punk' rock music.

Lyrics ranging from joking to completely contemplative, "the greatest story..." showcases TLA ability to do pretty much anything they want. Though this album might not be as "straight forward" "punk" as previous releases, people DO get older, and Brendan, Chris, and Neil aren't afraid to hand every down a little advice from their perspective.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and - if you are a fan of this band and haven't picked up this CD - do. It proves how music can mature and still attain the same adolescent passion that made it so fun in the first place.

mivbar ,


I've just started listening to the Lawrence Arms not that long ago, and they are so good. I've listened to all of their albums and they are all amazing. But this album is by far my favorite. Just so catchy. I love it! get it!

LessThanSeth ,

I necer get enough...

of this album. This happens to be the first Lawrence Arms cd I ever bought back when I was in High School and still love it just as much as I did then to this very day :] The Lawrence Arms are just awesome.

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