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4.8 out of 5
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1.3K Ratings

mcrforever421 ,

great album

HIt's amazing that I got this album almost a year ago and I'm still listening to them just about every day.

The Great Escape - very good song, always fun to sing a long to and have fun with. 9/10

Five Minutes To Midnight - never my favorite on the album, but still a decent song 8/10

Hero/Heroine - starting to get a little bit too radio friendly like The Great Escape, but I still love this song 9.5/10

On Top Of The World - probably my least favorite song at first, but I've grown to like it more 8.5/10

Thunder - my favorite song on the album and one of my favorite songs ever. great new mix, too 10/10

Me, You And My Medication - I'm more into the meaning of the song than the sound but it's still always good to listen to 8.5/10

Up Against The Wall - one of my favorites, very catchy chorus 9/10

Dance Hall Drug - not my favorite, but they play it really well live 8.5/10

Learning To Fall - I've always liked this song, good lyrics also 8.5/10

Heels Over Head - I liked this one more at first than I do now but it's still a good song 8.5/10

Broken Man - this is a good song, the guitar sounds cool and the lyrics are good 9/10

Holiday - took me a very long time to start liking this but I couldn't stop listening to it at a point 9/10

Hero/Heroine Acoustic - not quite as good as the regular version, but I like it as an addition to the album

thor2359 ,


Boys like girls is an amazing band that kicks.....

CompulsiveBuyer ,

Strong Four Star Review

Okay, I've reviewed this band once before (bout a month after I bought them and was still pretty obsessed), but at that time I rated it five stars... I've changed my mind.

Boys Like Girls is a really good band, but several of their songs sound a lot alike. Most people who say that just aren’t listening to the songs. It’s simply not the type of music they generally listen to (or like) so all they hear is song after song of something they’re not into. Like, if I listen to a rap CD, all the songs would prolly run together; however, I actually listen to this music (look at my other reviews), so I can justly say all this:)

The album has three basic gists: upbeat (The Great Escape, Five Minutes to Midnight, On Top of the World, and Heels Over Head), slower (Thunder; Hero/Heroine; You, Me, and my Medication; and Holiday), and serious (Up Against the Wall, Dance Hall Drug, Learnig to Fall, and Broken Man).
They do upbeat great. Heels Over Head is a little different from the other songs, because it’s about a girl leaving a guy and he’s still obsessed with her, but it’s really upbeat. Slower songs are the ones that really run together in my mind. Especially, Thunder and Hero. They both start out slow and then speed up with a pretty nice guitar part. Holiday is the most stand-out song in that group, it’s also a nice ending to the album. BLG does the final group, serious, pretty well in Up Against the Wall and Dance Hall Drug; not so well in Learning to Fall or Broken Man. Dance Hall Drug is a really good song, because it not only sticks out pretty well from it’s group, it really sticks out from all the other song. Overall, it takes a completely different direction from the other songs on the album and is probably the most notable song on the whole CD.

Top 5 (in this particular order) -
1. Five Minutes to Midnight – Part of the tie for my favorite song on the album. As I said before, it has the same basic gist as The Great Escape, but I think it's even more upbeat and just overall better (better lyrics, guitar, vocals…).
2. Dance Hall Drug – The other part of the tie for my favorite song on the album. As I said above, it’s the most 'stand-out' track on the album. And I can almost picture the band telling/taunting the girl with, “don’t do it, he’s not worth it.”
3. Thunder – Again, a lot like Hero/Heroine, but slightly better (prolly because it speeds up earlier and I like that). And the lyrics - “Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.” GENIUS!
4. Heels Over Head – This song makes me want to dance and sing and yeah:)
5. Up Against the Wall – I love the lyrics to this song (“The forecast? A car crash” and “Who said that it’s better to have loved and lost, I wish that I had never loved at all.” And basically the rest of the song…) and whatever they did to the vocals in the first verse.

On Top of the World, Hero/Heroine, Holiday, and The Great Escape are also worth the buy if you really like the other songs I named.

Also, I don’t know if it’s different singers or what, but I like the vocals in the chorus and especially the bridge of Thunder a lot more than the verses. You can tell the difference in other songs, but Thunder was the first example that came to mind….

Finally, I know I didn’t elaborate a lot on the good stuff, but that’s kinda the same for most bands. You like the lyrics, vocals, various instruments… whatever.

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