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4.6 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Count CC Rider ,

Swans is Magik and Music

Just buy it, if not for you, for them.... of course it is fricken awesome, it’s Swans. Really ? When haven’t they been ?

Genghis Kon ,

Rankling is seriously stupid, don’t listen to his drivel

A real, underrated grower

IngolmoFeanaro ,

Repetition as a Path to Transcendence

On Swans' two records prior to The Glowing Man, they refined the art of musical repetition in order to brutalize innocent ears. To Be Kind was, essentially, the heavily-orchestrated culmination of Swans' noisier aspirations. Even the softer tracks on that album ended with monumental, loud crescendos. The Glowing Man, however, maintains a more cerebral approach to repetitious post-rock. Most notably, segments of To Be Kind standout "Bring the Sun" are rearranged within the title track on The Glowing Man; but the original snarling guitars now underlie a heavenly, droning organ. Further, Michael Gira's lyrics eschew the physicality found on To Be Kind in favor of frequent references to human consciousness: "Bury my mind" (World Looks Red), "Clean your mind" (Frankie M.), "What is a mind for?" (Finally, Peace). While there are no tracks on this album that I dislike, The Glowing Man also falls short of the heights of brilliance achieved on its two immediate predecessors, and some of the musical ideas here come across as unoriginal, given that Swans have already released two lengthy post-rock albums like this one. However, the thunderous instrumentation, combined with haunting atmospheres and vocals, makes The Glowing Man a success. 8.5/10. None of this is copypasta, I swear.

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