12 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

ReigneP ,

Mostly Great with a few scrappers though....

I gave this album 5 stars wholly to encourage further FZ bundles. This 3rd installment is mostly filled with great material. "Willie The Pimp", although not my style of music nor genius by any means, was creatively done and has a really well done sonic scope to it. "Bobby Brown", thanks Ahmet, but this is unnecessary filler material, the original simply cannot be surpassed or outdone. "Treacherous Cretins" very nice indeed. "Deathless Horsie" well done Dweezil honoring your dad with such respect and great talent of your own. In fact I just bought the entire "Return Of Son Of" album. "City Of Tiny Lights" great, not my favorite all time version, but an acceptable alternate indeed. "Your Mouth" well rendered overall, nice job. "My Guitar" great version from the 88 band, no complaints here. "Jumbo" nice to hear this early version here. "Peaches" well done again Dweezil, and at such a controlled tempo, very respectful. "TYCOWYD" sorry pass, just awful, as is "Torture". Those two made it to the garbage bin along with "Bobby Brown". "Stairway" is very bizarre here and great to hear in this quality from the 88 band. Overall I prefer the straighter version from TBBYNHIYL however the variants and humour enacted samples throughout make it a fun listen as well as Franks violent yet blissful guitar passages. So, overall, 9 out of 12 are keepers. 5 Stars for that and overall a vast improvement over previous bundles.

harryorgans ,

Happy Birthday Frank!

First impressions:
1) WTP - A rap version...of course! I can't believe no one did this earlier. Makes perfect sense! 2) BBGD - nothing special here, but listenable. 3) TC - Where has this little gem been hiding? Worth the price of the record right here. I hope the ZFT put this out as a FLAC or CD version someday. I miss Frank. 4) TDH - Grammy indeed! All hail the Dweez! 5) COTL - Go out and get yourself the whole concert at FZdotcom. 6) YM - This might have well been written for Macy Gray! She nails it! 7) MGWTKYM - didn't strike me as necessary. 8) JGA - not one of my faves. 9) PER - I love ZPZ! Thank you Dweezil! 10) TYCOWYD - Ukulele and kazoo! And a sexy lady voice! I love it! This melody would probably work on armpit farts! 11) TTNS - a fine version...highlights include Jamie's guitar and Chloe's french vocal break. 12) STH - way too silly...but why do it otherwise!

The best Birthday Bundle yet? You bet! Final thought Sheila Gonzalez steels the show whenever she plays.

Toy Needle ,


What a treat! (Please don't let this be the last and only!)

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