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12 Ratings

wright-on ,

After 31 years...

Literally, after 30 years, this album is still as fresh, inspired and contemporary as it ever was for me. A timeless beauty. His Miami Vice "mortgage paying gig" is no reflection on the gift of this unique composer/player's ultimate ability to produce eccentric and confident, nuanced phrases of beauty. Add to that an exquisite synth technique! Had he been born in a prior century where orchestral music was widely celebrated and supported, we'd we listening to music influenced by such a composer. I truly believe Jan possesses compositional ability the likes of many of the greats - only he was thrust into an era with a fun, but stifling musical vocabulary. A gem amidst mediocrity. And, I'd rank this album his greatest achievement. Why he didn't produce more like this, I've always pondered... but that's what makes The First Seven Days all the more special.

We all discover music which shapes our ideas of what music can be. Upon reflection, this album, 31 years later, has proven to be one such an album. It's warm, courageous and unique, and still holds my fascination. It's music that came from Jan's heart, before he was swept into the mainstream hurricane.

rebel al ,

Timeless and Very Beautiful

I'll never forget when my 75 y/o grandmother who grew up in the ragtime teens and 20's heard the synthesized part of light/sun. I expected her to shriek, instead she remarked how beautiful it was. 40 years later I still listen to this a lot. I love the rockin Oh Yeah and others by him too. But for serene beauty this is unsurpassed. Up there with Beethoven, Ravel, Mozart, and also Chopin who he reminds me of a bit here. But make no mistake he transcends all influences into something so unique and original.

the Nail ,

One of the all time great Discs

If you like 70's era electric jazz, you'll Love this record. Recorded entirely by himself, fresh out of Mahavishnu, "Days" is a tour de force of synthesizer/keyboard virtuosity, compositional integrity and production wizardry. Jan's signature sounds abound, with plenty of searing lead lines. "6th Day - The People" has a seriously complex meter, consistant with music of this era. Count that! All in all, one of my favs. I listened to this record about a billion times growing up - the CD remaster absolutely does it justice. Enjoy!

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