The Dawn of Eternal Summers

The Dawn of Eternal Summers

This album collects the group's early work: an EP, a 7-inch, and other scraps that tell the tale of two youngsters—guitarist/singer Nicole Yun and drummer Daniel Cundiff—reveling in the joys of primitive pop. Much in the style of K Records' most elemental groups, Eternal Summers here capture the sound of kids gone wild, with an aggressive attack that deliberately avoids finesse. Yun's guitars are infectious. "Heart Squeeze" sounds like a teen jamming out an approximation of The Clash's "London Calling," while "Kry" throws delicate fingerpicking into the approach. Too lo-fi to be true "dreampop" (so, therefore, "dreampunk"), Eternal Summers rely on reverb to blur Yun's vocals into twilight. Fans of raw garage rock should enjoy the inspired amateurism of these early works. (They've since added a bass player to fill out their lineup.) 

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