10 Songs, 43 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
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16 Ratings

2741 ,

Fantastic album that never seems to get old

Every song is amazing, and can be listened to alone or altogether...just amazing. Here's my track by track:

1.Song For Someone (7/10): A decent opener, filled with moody guitar riffs swirling above Hansard's bittersweet lyrics.
2. Falling Slowly (8/10): Not nearly as good as the version from "once", but an overall nice sound with the whole band.
3. People Get Ready (9/10): One of the better songs, simple building instrumentals with inspiring lyrics that call to the people.
4. Rise (8.5/10): Another amazing, down-to-earth tune, such a unique sound to it.
5. Mind's Made Up (9/10): Different than the "once" version, not necessarily better or worse. Definitely more exciting at the end with screaming guitar to duel with Hansard's screaming vocals.
6. Sad Songs (7/10): A short, simple, catchy song. Not a shiner on the album, but definitely a good song.
7. The Cost (9.5/10): A rough, distorted, and moody number reminiscent of OK Computer-era Radiohead. One of the best on the album, extremely dark and gripping.
8. True (10/10): In my opinion, one of the best Frames songs ever. A quiet dark verse leads into an extremely melodic chorus, and the ending exhibits Hansard's pained cries (see Mind's Made Up) to an extent that seems impossible to come from a human voice. If you listen to the lyrics and really hear this song, it will leave you breathless...every single time.
9. Side You Never Get To See (7.5/10): Similar to "Sad Songs", catchy and with a lighter feel.
10. Bad Bone (9/10): A terrific finish. The first few minutes are just Hansard and his acoustic guitar, singing about a bad bone of jealousy that has cost him love and happiness. Flourishes into a melodic ending that closes the album out as only The Frames can.

WORST SONG: Song For Someone

DOWNLOAD NOW: Mind's Made Up

Matt Cronin ,

Great Irish Export

I bought this album cause I heard about the Frames at a Keane concert a few years ago, and I loved Hansard's unique voice. Once didn't hurt either.

DrPibb ,

Amazing Album

Great great music from a great irish group. great introductory album to this band.

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