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478 Ratings

Porfie JR ,

Madonna Confessions Tour 2006 is one of her best tours!

Despite all the haters out there this was one of the best Madonna tours ever. Madonna described the tour as "turning the world into a giant dance floor". The show is divided into four separate acts with different themes: Equestrian, Urban Bedouin, Glam Punk and Disco Fever. Madonna's Confessions Tour was a concert tour organized to support the album Confessions on a Dance Floor and set the record for the top-grossing tour ever by a female artist. The tour grossed more than $194.8 million with a total of 60 shows and 1.2 million people in paid attendance through North America, Europe, and Japan. Despite the U.S. lack of good taste in music and by refusing to give her radio play for her Confessions CD, she still managed to gross more than $80 million for the U.S. shows alone throughout the summer. In The U.S. her confessions tour instantly became the highest grossing summer tour of the year 2006. The tour has generated international controversy due to its use of Christian religious symbols. While singing "Live to Tell", Madonna hangs from a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns around her head. Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups in North America and Europe came together to criticize what they saw as Madonna's exploitation of "sacred" Christian symbols and labeled the show as blasphemous even though they never saw the show. Madonna brought more than just the Devil out in some of these Christians and other religious groups. A 63-year-old Dutch priest was even arrested when he decided to make a confession of his own when he confessed to making a hoax bomb threat in an attempt to stop her concert. In response to the criticism, Madonna personally and publicly invited Pope Benedict XVI to see the show while she was in Rome - insisting that she was doing the controversial act to raise awareness and money for orphans abandoned in Africa (particularly Malawi) due to HIV/AIDS and that "Jesus wouldn't mind." (While she sings "Live To Tell," in the background run haunting images of the devastation in Africa right now. On the top of the screen, a count begins from 0 until it reaches 12 million - the number of orphans created by HIV/AIDS in Africa alone. The tour features songs mainly from her Confessions on a Dance Floor CD which is considered Madonna's comeback album from her previous lowest selling effort American Life. Confessions on a Dance Floor's sales are near 10 million worldwide. It also holds the record for topping the most charts in the world. The single "Hung Up" also holds the record for topping the most charts in the world. With Confessions on a Dance Floor Madonna refused to follow any U.S. chart trends. She decided to release a collection of dance/electronic songs, which did not receive significant airplay in the U.S. but received massive airplay on all other parts of the world, including Europe and Asia. Nevertheless, despite lack of U.S. radio support (boycott because she spoke out against the war and that idiot president bush) all of the singles had a great performance on iTunes and on MTV's TRL Video Music Countdown. Madonna kept her goals of doing what she wanted and establishing trends instead of following them. Even lack of support in her home country didn't stop the album from selling over 1,600,000 units in the U.S. alone. This is one amazing show and one of her best tours. Madonna is still The Most Successful Female Recording Artist in the history of the world and this DVD proves she is far from singing her last song.

Below is the Set List

Equestrian Act

1. "Future Lovers/I Feel Love"
2. "Get Together"
3. "Like A Virgin"
4. "Jump"

Urban Bedouin Act

5. "Interlude: Dancers' Confessions"
6. "Live to Tell"
7. "Forbidden Love"
8. "Isaac"
9. "Sorry"
10. "Like It Or Not"

Glam Punk Act

11. "Interlude: Sorry (Remix)"
12. "I Love New York"
13. "Ray of Light"
14. "Let It Will Be"
15. "Give Peace a Chance" (performed only in Moscow)
16. "Drowned World/Substitute For Love"
17. "Paradise (Not For Me)"

Disco Fever Act

18. "Interlude: Roller Dance: Disco Inferno"
19. "Music" (With Where's The Party mid-section)
20. "Erotica"
21. "La Isla Bonita"
22. "Lucky Star"
23. "Hung Up"

Madonna will also be releasing a live cd to go along with this Confessions Tour DVD. Below is the CD track listing:

1. Future Lovers / I Feel Love
2. Like A Virgin
3. Jump
4. Confessions
5. Isaac
6. Sorry
7. Sorry (Remix)
8. I Love New York
9. Let It Will Be
10. Music Inferno
11. Erotica
12. Lucky Star
13. Hung Up

tremadke ,

She's Madonna......

A great soundtrack to a great show. Madonna always delivers. For fans, "Erotica" is a real jewel. Get this record.

Tigerpaw.1973 ,

Beautiful, Fluid, Mature

I would pay the $19.99 just for "Erotica"...

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