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Metalvr3 ,

other guy is right

500 years guy is right. this album does come with a free jazz sound, but i do think that they still do a great job mixing it with death metal. i think the jazzy part of it is awesome, it strayed a little bit from their other stuff, but i was kinda tired of it so... whatever i love it!

Year 500 Billion ,

Could Go Either Way

I was impressed with their previous album, and their musicianship stands out even in the Tech Death field, but the production is so clean and the riffing is so mathematical that it comes off more like free jazz than metal. It Doesn't have that same "F*** Yeah!" factor that Nile or Cryptosy can.

BMTHrulezd00D ,

i liked this a bit better than album Under a stone.

only because it moves around a lot more. and under a stone w/ no insc. didnt move around as much.
also the drums are much better.
downward spiral: catchy guitar parts. 5/5
complete demise: umm idk. jus didnt like it as much 3.5/5
better grieved than fooled: best song on the album. 5/5
the great juggler: catchy guitar riff. 5/5
i would dream of blood: it was good 4/5
disobedience pays: great 4.5/5
childrens laughter: the coolest instrumental ive ever heard. too bad its only 2 min. 5/5
renunciation: good 4/5
the conductors departure: doom sounding guitar intro/ outro. also great drum parts 5/5

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