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4.5 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

K-liente ,

Lynch Mob

back with a vengeance.. first single is rippin as only Lynch n Logan can deliver.. lookin forward to the whole album...

JPulido421 ,

Lynch is Unique

George Lynch one of the best guitar players that came out of the 80's. Amazing writer, incredible technique and tone. When I read Guys criticisms about his current play vs. how he played in the 80's it makes me wonder if they can even play 25% as good as Lynch.

People evolve, they won't play the same as when they were 30 years younger. Not only does life experience change your playing and songwriting but as an artist when you've been there and done that you have nothing to prove. If your a true fan support the band, if you don't like it don't buy the music, don't listen to it. But to come into these reviews with this negative stuff just save it. Is it making you a better person?

Yeah I'm a fan of Lynch. I like most of everything he's ever recorded. The stuff that doesn't resonate with me doesn't mean it's bad, but I choose to respect it because music is an art form it's not a competition of who shreds off the fastest.

I hope that as I continue aging I keep finding the inspiration to keep writing my own music and playing guitar. For this Lynch has truly show n his ability to try experimental stuff and keep making music 35 years after he started making some of the best guitar records in the Hard Rock / Metal genres ever recorded. Give the man some respect.


Half Baked

Sorry to say, I think George has too many projects going on and is spreading himself too thin. Each of the efforts since the first two releases sound half baked. I get that he wants to evolve as an artist. However, all iconic artists have an "identifiable benchmark" sound. (AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith, GnR, etc.). To abandon that and constantly attempt to reinvent and separate yourself from catapult you into notoriety in the first place appears to lack focus, vision, intent and direction. Not to mention the alienation of your long time fans.
Having said that, there are some good riffs in a few songs.
Sadly, they are overshadowed by Oni's horrible songwriting - which seems to have been thrown together with again, half baked effort. (1. Being shallow - about drinking/bars/catching red-eyes. 2. You're audience - like myself are of a certain age and have long since moved on from a 20 years old lifestyle. 3. Seem overtly depressing. No longevity as no one wants depressing lyrics long term.)
Sorry to say, another sad disappointment, from a fan who has hung in as long as he could. No sale.

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