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[grace] ,


This album is just dandy. No, there aren't as many Bob songs, but seriously, that doesn't make it bad. It was about time for Greta to get her time in the spotlight. (and by the way, I just counted, and of all the Hush Sound songs, there are now 16 "Bob songs" and 16 "Greta songs". And the rest are the ones that are split like Don't Wake Me Up, My Apologies, etc.)
Intro--An interesting way to start the album. I quite like it though.
Honey--A wonderful song (the video is great too!) It's a common theme, but it's anything but unoriginal.
Medicine Man--The first song I heard, and, while repetitive, it is really good. And it is of course the background of the Medicine Man mystery.
The Boys Are Too Refined--This song is addicting, and it gets better every time you hear it. If you aren't going to get the whole album, you should definitely get this song.
Hurricane--A beautifully melancholy ditty of wonderful lyrics and a lovely, simple melody.
As You Cry--It's like a Dark Congregation in that it's a not-so-cheerful song set to a very upbeat tune. It is another standout track, so good that I can't help smiling when I listen to it.
Six (Interlude)--I like this song. But I'm a sucker for simple instrumentals like this. It reminds me of the Radio Dept.
Molasses--I didn't really like this song the first time I heard it. But it's grown on me a lot in the many times I've heard it. It's really quite good.
That's Okay--I really love this song, despite how depressing it is. It reminds me of something but I have no idea what. Especially good lyrics in this one.
Not Your Concern--I really love this song. It's classic Bob wonderfulness.
Love You Much Better--I like this song, though it's probably my least favorite on the album...it's a little too country. But I like the lyrics.
Hospital Bed Crawl--Bob still knows how to get his stalker on. I really like this one.
Break the Sky--I think I've listened to this one the least. But I like the lyrics and the melody.

This is an amazing album. Period.

MyMusicLover ,

On a roll...

Although this is currently not yet my favorite Hush Sound cd, it has potential to go either way. The Hush Sound's third attempt does not fall short of talent, the only thing missing is more of Bob Morris's vocals! Greta's voice has delightfully matured, but Bob should have shared the weight on this one. That aside, some gems to check out are "As You Cry," "Love You Much Better," "The Boys are too Refined," and "Not Your Concern." These songs have that definable Hush Sound sound and aren't quick to disappoint. All songs deserve equal credit on this cd however. Each song presents that unique Hush touch. This cd is sure to become a hit and a must-have for any music-lover's collection!! (I just hope for more Bob on future cds!!!)

Keirawn ,

Early Review (Firsti-sh?)

I worry that there's not enough Bob songs. I love Bob. Don't get me wrong, Greta has a lovely voice and has really grown into it with this album, but I really wish there was more of a fifty/fifty split on who was fronting the songs.


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