24 Songs, 54 Minutes


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32 Ratings

DesiluTrek ,

Fred Steiner's first season theme

This CD has my favorite version of the original "Star Trek" theme -- Fred Steiner's arrangement heard on almost all first season episodes. (It's credited here to Alexander Courage as the composer.) Exactly because it does not use the well-known soprano, this one's the best, better than the later ones (that turn up on other theme compilations). Instead it features deep, rich strings and a cool background bongo beat you may recall. It sounds more serious than that irritating soprano.

The other original series cuts are each tremendous, all from the first season, and showcase the wide range of music on the show. Much of "Balance of Terror" would be reused in the second season for the evil-universe episode "Mirror, Mirror." The powerful "Corbomite" and soft "What Are Little Girls" tracks would see reuse in several other episodes. The fun, hip "lounge mix," featuring a coronet, was arranged by Joseph Mullendore for "Conscience of the King" where it can be heard at a cocktail party. What was it about TV shows then that they'd always reprise their theme as background music at parties, bars and such, anyway?

This gets 4 stars because I couldn't care less about the sequel shows' music.

TimTheTuner ,

Wondering about the errors...

I'd be interested in purchasing this CD as it has quite a bit of very good music on it. Aside from the possibility of overdosing on Dennis McCarthy, I am concerned that the pieces are actually from the episodes listed, especially in the later series. I'm quite certain that Voyager episode was entitled "Bride of Chaotica," not "Bridge of Chaotica." Are we farming out this stuff overseas too? Or is it a product of someone who was indeed "left behind?" Just sayin'.

zephyr42 ,

Good stuff


Ahh, reminscent of Saturday mornings watching recorded Star Trek tapes with my father. Certainly brings back some memories. A wonderful compilation!