17 Songs, 53 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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3.7 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

db playlist ,

No Disrespect, but.....

This is extraneous and completely unnecessary. Buy the originals if you do not already have them and skip this distraction.

DanO- the Man In Brown ,

Was this necessary ?

The Beach Boys music has always been on the tame side . Pretty melodies and harmonies without the need of a orchestra to drive the point home or mellow the point home . NOTHING a orchestra could ever do to make In My Room more profound .
But now we have orchestras backing the Beach Boys , Sting has a symphony for Synchronicity ,Rod Stewart is singing 1940 Cole Porter tunes and Bob Dylan is torturing us singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing ( make your kids listen to that as punishment) and when will it end ?
The last time music got this lame -the Sex Pistons slapped people back into being creative as did the Ramones and music got edgy again .
Its true -The Clash were the last band that really mattered !

TonyTodd54 ,

What is this?

Honestly, the singles for this album were pretty good! “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “Good Vibrations” had this nice tone to them and were mixed well with the music. But apart from a few songs here and there. This album is truly a waste of money. The songs are mixed like crap and the singing is louder than the actual backing tracks which makes most of The Beach Boys’ later material sound weird as the backing tracks are absolutely horrendous. For example one of my favorite tracks “Heroes and Villains” has this nice intro that I would expect from a march or national anthem. But as we get into the song I turn off my music because the version I prefer or mix is when Brian’s voice comes in very loud and sudden! That’s basically what this new beginning was as coming to this album I thought I would hear a level of classical come in but since most of the songs are mixed like crap and the backing tracks are almost non-existent the songs end up being very bad. But the most peculiar thing about this whole album is the fact that a later song like “Good Vibrations” sounds good with the orchestra even if the song was jam packed with instruments and sound. The song actually sounded good but my question is why do the other songs sound bad? And why is mixed weird. The voices are all louder than the backing track and as I said previously it completely takes me out of the experience as I’ve come to love and that’s being swallowed by Brian Wilson’s “Wall of Sound” and listen to the sounds of California. Ultimately I’d give this 2 out of 5 stars as I still like some songs but my favorites were still ruined. This album had great potential as bringing an orchestra would have been interesting to hear as Brian has been renowned in the classical and rock world. And also I can kind of hear a musical style production to this too as the orchestra gives all these songs a more dramatic taking which I personally enjoy as I love musicals and The Beach Boys this is the closet these two worlds have come. But sadly it doesn’t give respect to the band and songs they perform. So if you are in fact a die hard Beach Boy fan I suggest not buying this album as it is a waste of your precious money and time.

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