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25 Ratings

★-★ ,

Some great tracks and sick remixes

As far as not being as timeless or being overly trendy, I think that depends on one's perspective, be it more rock oriented or more beat driven. I'm the latter, and tend to appreciate more of the "trendy lounge" style which pittysteel mentions. (I'm not sure why that's used with a negative connotation as if we should be worrisome of what trendy lounges play. What about trendy indy bars? Would they play the other half of the album?)

I'm tempted to get his Vignetting the Compost album, but it just sounds like ambient Boards of Canada tracks to me, and I keep waiting for beats to drop in. Maybe the samples offered are throwing me off base? I guess this also explains why I like the remixes on this album. They tend to have harder beats and I find that a bit more accessible.

@ DISCO BLASTER: I'm pretty sure that DJ Cam track sampled a Lady Kier riff from Deee-lite's "Picnic in the Summertime (Picnicapella)." I don't hear that sample at all, and I tend to think they're just sampling the original "Lovers Carvings" track, but I'm just talking out my azz here.

GarvinG ,

Another finely manicured sound.

Simply amazing. This is the type of work I've come to expect out of Bibio/Stephen Wilkinson. Once again...beautifully crafted. Thank you for another contribution.

Jaywhack21 ,

Appreciate the

I can appreciate Stephens need to experiment and put out new sounds...but in my opinion the music of Hand Cranked, Fi, & Vignetting the Compost are his best and most unique work to date. Those works have a "timeless" feel to them. "Ambivalence" and "The Apple" don't evoke the same emotion...and feel more like music you'd here in a popular, trendy lounge. Its good music, but not music to grow with.

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