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20 Ratings

hyperbolium ,

Vic Mizzy’s character themes and incidental music from the 1960s TV show

This is the original music composed for the 1960’s Addams Family television series, as written by noted television and film composer Vic Mizzy. The familiar vocal version of the main theme is presented at album’s end; the longer, instrumental version that opens the album is more in line with the jazzy themes and incidental music that Mizzy scored for the show. Alongside the trademark harpsichord (most prominent on “Gomez”), Mizzy mixed a healthy dose of electric guitar, jazzy woodwinds and bouncy bass into his charts, but the female chorus and tympani will remind you that these are easy instrumentals in the vein of Neal Hefti, Nelson Riddle, Billy Mure and others. If you’re a fan of the television show you’ll quickly recognize the character themes and incidental music cues, many of which were used in abbreviated form – here you get the entire tunes. This is a great find for Addams Family fans and anyone who collects ‘60s easy-pop. [©2011 hyperbolium dot com]

NSH88 ,

This is what I grew up with

I don't care if this is from the show. But as the daughter of a DJ this is a halloween classic.

KB1OldiesFan ,

Not the original songs versions of the songs we are used to

Note: The songs & music are NOT the original songs or scene background music used in the the 1960's TV series that we are used to hearing. They are in my description, an attempt to redo the songs in an orchestra/band style with add-in's (such as female background singers singing "la-la's" on some of the tracks).

"The Addams Family- Main Theme (Vocal)" sounds like the original theme, except a different voice says the words: "Neat", "Sweet", Petite" (which in my opinion ruins the song). Those 3 little words voiced by lurrch in the original theme fromn the TV show really help make the theme song.

Most of the rest of the songs sound good at times, but are reminiscent of something done in the Lawrence Welk style. If you are looking for "orchestra'd up" extended versions of the songs/music from the original TV series, then listen to the samples. If you were looking for the original songs/music, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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