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27 Ratings

M_O_A_M ,

there is a lot of bad music...this is an exception

Music has sucked for so long on the whole that when i do find a band or album that is actually good i'm a bit skeptical. When i first saw the title of the album i had them pegged as yet another crappy _-core band who was trying relate to the ultra hip by pulling out the self-deprecation card. Even the band's name seems to ride the new trend of repurposing movie and book titles in order to establish a sense of familiarity with the perspective audience (of which, i should point out, usually end up being the complete opposite in both theme and tone of the source material). When i think of "without a face" i immediately think of the movie/book "man without a face" which is probably one of the worst first impressions to make on a perspective listener. But in a rare moment of insanity/sanity, i took a listen and was floored by wrong i was. Not only was it incredibly good, but it was INCREDIBLY good.

Just goes to show that while you can judge a book by it's cover (and i advise that people do, as cover art is meant to visually establish a theme and not merely look pretty anymore), you should take a chance every now and take a peek.

for the cherry pickers out there, some notable songs are:
Miserably Privileged
Flux Capacitor

Ripleysrsm ,

Just amazing

I'm suprised that without a face isn't more popular, I found out about him when he played at my brothers school :P he played druggie love and TSa and now is banned XD anyways I started listening to some songs and honestly have never been disappointed by his work. I think some of the messages are epic and I wish people start recognizing the genius that is without a face.

chudeath ,


Without a face is definitely going in the right direction.

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