14 Songs, 1 Hour 1 Minute


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5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

aseshad2 ,

A most noble album for the discerning listener...

The music world has been waiting for a fresh sound that is versatile, innovative, heartfelt, and always surprisingly delightful - and That Noble Fury's self-titled debut album delivers just that.

With brilliant instrumentation and clever harmony construction, the music itself has an inspired variety of textures, from lush and orchestral to pointed and intricately balanced. It is truly a joy to hear the weaving of a beautiful string accompaniment into the staccato rock of “Room by Room” or the dark carnival undertones evoked by “Nice to See You Alive.” Each song promises a melodic surprise that cannot help but enchant the listener. Lyrically, the songs are sometimes sharply witty, sometimes introspective, sometimes frankly melancholy, but always thoughtful and clever in a way that is rare today.

The first listen to this album intrigues you, the second makes you fall in love, and the third hooks you on That Noble Fury for life. Any music fan owes it to themselves to take a listen to this brilliant debut album.

cuz1o64 ,

So varied and so much fun

What a knockout of a debut album! That Noble Fury has an almost stream-of-consciousness feel, flowing in-between styles at will and doing every style really really well. Each song is like a journey in itself. If you are looking for something totally fresh and original, this is it. Throw the formulaic out the window and try some Fury.

magans21 ,

beautiful and fresh, lasting music that strums the should

The talent, variety, freshness, imagery and depth in this album make this tantalizing to listen.