Пісень: 13, 38 хв.


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4.7 з 5
Оцінок: 23

Оцінок: 23

ArkTheSpriteman ,

You know

I actually really liked this album, almost better than Cure For Pain. If you like Morphine, this is one you should have. It's a lot slower and different, but well worth the money.

Gweedo ,

Morphine's First

Debut album from the Boston Trio Morphine. The songs are great, but the production and recording quality isn't the best. Good, Claire, Have a Lucky Day, and You Speak My Language are all top notch tracks. Morphine is at its rawest on this album, and I wish that it could have been recorded in today's clean digital environment.

Check out Cure for Pain, Yes, and Like Swimming.

Listener xii ,

Must have

A must have for any rock lover / Marc Sandman is truly missed check out his music / brilliant !!!!!!

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