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13 Ratings

RhapsodyinStu ,

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Beautiful, lush, and flowing are not words you would use to describe Sunn O))), but with Ulver these qualities come to light. Flittering strings and muted trumpet accompany the traditional drones. The record overall feels more akin to Post-Rock than it does Drone Metal...there is a development to these tracks. Eternal Return, in particular, seems something straight out of the canon of a band like Talk Talk.
This is probably Sunn's most immediately likeable project.

Satanaut ,

Buy this.


Decapod32 ,

Fractals of Reverberating Light

We swim through the ether untethered. Motionless. Our bodies pulled toward a pulsing red light. A blast of dark matter contorts our limbs rendering them useless. A monolith approaches emanating a golden hue, pulling my every molecule into its vortex.

I'm pulled apart by mechanized beings, then reassembled on the other side.

Phase 1 complete.

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