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4.8 out of 5
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16 Ratings

Mr. Burger ,

30-Second Samples Do Not Cut It

Don't be deterred by the awkwardly-trimmed tidbits iTunes offers up as the half-minute models of Mates of State. This album is the perfect adrenal solution to anyone who has ever been so happy that they needed a soundtrack to back it up--like being ravenously hungry and happening upon a twenty-dollar bill on the sidewalk outside your favorite restaurant. Go in. Eat. Enjoy.

There is no appetizer to this gleeful full-course meal. Kori and Jason get straight to business with "Ha Ha" - which is a pulsing gem you will be glad is stuck in your head still weeks later. "Whiner's Bio" is proof that an album really CAN have two top-notch songs in a row. And so it goes. The duo only comes up for calming air a couple of times with "Parachutes (Funeral Song)", which is evidence of how emotionally astute the two can be, and "Separate the People" at the very end, which makes for a relieving outro.

The lyrics are humbly poignant. Kori is an ungodly good singer. The Nintendo-esque keyboards are cuddly and exciting. Jason usually gets it right with his singing--perfectly complimenting the melodies with nearly every attempt he makes--and is hop-scotch percussive ability is impeccable.

"Team Boo" houses MANY of the band's best tracks, NONE of their worst, and is the absolute cure for humdrum. Replay value: frighteningly high.

ReviewingStuffYeah! ,

More then a "Couple" Good Songs

While they aren't the first couple to make music and tour together, Mates of State are perhaps the most believable. This CD is as cheery as it is warm and optimistic, something missing from todays music.

Susiejoe ,

best cd

i love this cd ive been looking for it for 2 years!!

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