10 Songs, 42 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

AlternativeAuthority ,

Fresh air

This album is strikingly emotional, intensely personal, and at once unfailingly intellectual. As a lyricist, frontman Dave Chisholm finds a way to cleverly tap into underlying universal experiences and feelings in a way I haven't felt since Simon & Garfunkel. Every listener will be able to connect on some level with most - if not all - of this album's themes and emotions. Musically, the instrumentalists make clever and unique balance, voicing, and harmonic choices that belie their incredibly in-depth musical training.

MusicJournalist63 ,

Rock Art Songs

To say that Dave Chisholm, the frontman and songwriter for Talking Under Water is a good lyricist is an understatement; he's a great one. He composes tunes about sad themes, and creates them into beautiful, relatable, and poignant rock art songs. The blend of catchiness and composition is perfect, and band finds just the right balance to lay behind but exentuate Chisholm's lyrics and vocals.

Jean Sibelius ,

Great Album

I have heard earlier music from this group, and loved it, but this album knocks it out of the park. It contains an eclectic mix of songs, with influences that range from folk to rock to gospel to Beatles and beyond, all put together in the band's own unique style. The musicianship is fantastic, the lyrics are smart and emotionally effective, the vocals are perfectly suited for this music, and the instrumentation and layering of sound is spot on. Definitely a significant cut above most of the popular music out there. This band deserves a broad audience. Outstanding music.